ICare Cuisine's Flexible Nursery Meal Services

Simplifying Nursery Mealtimes with Effortless Ordering and Allergen Management

With our easy-to-use ordering system and stringent allergen control measures, nursery mealtimes are hassle-free and worry-free. When you choose ICare Cuisine, you can rest assured that your meals are in good hands, allowing you to focus more on your children.

Delicious and Diverse Nursery Options

We offer an extensive selection of over 200 main dishes, sides, and desserts, catering to every taste and dietary requirement. We offer a wide variety of menu items, including:

  • Main Nursery Meals Range: Create menus that appeal to young taste buds or introduce new flavours as children grow. Our Main Range is designed to be flexible, nutritious, and appealing to children.
  • Mix-and-Match Options: Our multi-portion meals will keep your nursery’s menu exciting. Mixing and matching dishes ensures your children have a balanced and diverse diet.
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Options: Our range includes nutritious vegetarian and vegan options like Lentil Bolognese and Vegetarian Cottage Pie and several new plant-based dishes that introduce children to various flavours.

Allergy-Friendly Choices

Our “Free From Allergy Range” ensures that every child, regardless of their dietary restrictions, can enjoy safe and delicious meals. We take allergen management seriously, providing peace of mind for parents and caregivers.

woman serving food to children queing up

More Than Just Nursery Meals

Aside from our main dishes, we offer a variety of puddings and self-serve desserts, making mealtime a truly enjoyable experience for your little ones by providing them with a variety of dessert choices.

Experience and quality that are unmatched
ICare Meals has decades of experience serving local communities in northwest England. We adhere to stringent guidelines as proud members of the National Association for Care Catering (NACC). We offer a Meals on Wheels service that provides hot, ready-to-eat lunches to nurseries, homes, lunch clubs, nursing homes, schools, and holiday clubs.

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Ensuring Children’s Safety
Our accredited laboratory ensures that every dish served is delicious and meets the highest safety standards. At the point of ordering and service, allergen information is clearly communicated, ensuring a safe dining environment for all children.

Save Time and Money
With ICare Cuisine, your nursery can focus on providing exceptional care instead of spending time and money on kitchen operations. We provide a straightforward, adaptable service that gives you complete control over your meal service.

Learn More and Get in Touch
The ICare Cuisine team is dedicated to making nursery mealtimes a source of joy and nutrition for your children while assisting nurseries in providing the best possible care to each child. Visit our supplier’s website at www.apetito.co.uk to learn more about our services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like a FREE taster session or if you have any questions at 0845 6041125 or cuisine@icarecuisine.co.uk

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Frequently asked questions

No, ICare hot and frozen meals are delivered to your door at no additional charge.

Yes, all our delivery personnel are checked to ensure they do not have a criminal record and are able to work with vulnerable people. We also check they have good references.

All our delivery personnel wear purple ICare polo shirts and purple fleece jackets and carry an Identification Badge to give you added reassurance that they are genuine ICare employees. Much more than drivers, these friendly faces are valuable social contact for isolated and vulnerable people.

Trained and experienced in adult care awareness they keep a constant eye on the welfare of our customers. We are proud of the many tributes they receive from service users.

Yes. The following instructions are based upon the use of a 750 Watt microwave with a glass turntable. Heating time should be reduced for higher power, or increased for lower-powered microwave ovens. For both meals and desserts – take the meal and dessert straight from the freezer, simply place in the microwave and follow cooking instructions on the label.

Please Note. Heating instructions are meant as a guide only. Always make sure the food is piping hot before eating.

Once a product cooked never reheat or refreeze.

Yes, you can ask a member of your family to order meals for you and if you wish they can also pay for your meals. If you ask a friend to help you with your order, we would advise you not to disclose your credit or debit card details to anyone.

Our bespoke meal service

More meals, more choice, more value

ICare special diets

Special Diets

Finding the ready meals to suit your special diet even if you have a specific allergy or food intolerance, there’s no need to miss out. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious food. So if you’ve got a specific dietary requirement, or you simply don’t like a particular taste, you’ll find our Free From Lists very handy.

Healthcare professional visiting elderly woman

Healthcare Professionals

For over 2 decades we’ve helped thousands of older people live independently at home, thanks to our unrivalled range of home-delivered hot and frozen meals and desserts. Our reputation for care and quality food has led us to become one of the UK’s leading delivery services for frozen ready meals.

Your Wellbeing

What our customers say.

My mother came home from the hospital and needed arrangements for hot meals. ICare set this up very quickly, the food was terrific, my mother was very happy with the selection and the helpful drivers. She looks forward to their visit, they are so friendly and it took the pressure off us to be there to prepare her meals.

Bev Hollins

Mum, and I, so appreciated your service and the lovely, cheerful manner of your staff. The drivers did become like friends to Mum and she so enjoyed seeing them every other day and having a little chat. The photo of her and Dom is wonderful! I shall really cherish that and spread it around the family, who will all enjoy it. I want to say thank you from me too. Your service was always so easy to deal with, so relaxed about sudden changes and so supportive in putting things in place - and Mum really enjoyed her meals. I recommend you to everyone I come across who is in a similar position to Mum.

I just wanted to express sincere thanks from me and my sister, for the support that Nicky, Dom and the team provide for our father, Tom. It is reassuring to know that Dad's lunch and supper are taken care of, as he cannot reliably do this for himself. Whenever, I have been visiting, while the food is being delivered, it is obvious that a happy smiling face and the great smelling meal is the highlight of his day.Well done. Your efforts are much appreciated 🙂

Thank you so much for your help in setting up a meal delivery service for my 90 year old uncle and 88 year old aunt. The service was a literal life saver for my uncle, who has Alzheimers, when he was left home alone when my aunt fell and broke her hip just before Christmas and had to go into hospital. My uncle was so impressed with the meals that he suggested that we add my aunt to the meal plan when she came home. They both really enjoy the meals: "smashing", "lovely", "ate the lot" are just a few of their comments. They have also mentioned that meal delivery is always on time and that the staff who bring the meals are always polite, pleasant and helpful. Our experience of the service is overwhelmingly positive and I would highly recommend icare to anyone considering a meal delivery service.Best wishes to you and your team for 2024

Amazing service provided by ICare. Great variety of tasty, healthy and nutritious meals brought daily to your home and served and plated. Welfare check done and any concerns are given to the family. The staff are so friendly and helpful and nothing is too much trouble. As a family we have passed on recommendations and will continue to do so.

The whole process and experience of seƫting up this wonderful service for mum has been excellent Taking the pressure off us and giving us peace of mind. Everyone is so helpful. A first class service, with lovely hot meals delivered to mum daily, by a friendly caring team, who not only deliver but check on mums welfare during the visit.

The service at ICare has been amazing. From the initial phone call to ask about the service, to the people who deliver the meals every day. Everyone is extremely helpful and caring and always respond quickly to any unforeseen changes. Would highly recommend and have done so to a friend who also now uses the service for her Mother.

We have daily meals delivered to my in laws by the Market Harborough depot. I’ve just had to write to tell you how amazing the staff are. No matter what the problem they are always cheerful and very helpful. Also, the delivery man must have the patience of an angel. My in laws have dementia and their behaviours change daily so it can’t be easy for him. Please pass on our thanks for their help in a very difficult time for us.