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The Complete meal experience for the elderly

With ICare meals, you’re spoilt for choice

Welcome to ICare Cuisine, tasty nutritious and satisfying ready cooked and frozen meals at GREAT VALUE prices, delivered to your door.  With ICare you are sure to find a meal that will satisfy even the most demanding of palate.

Discover your perfect balance.

Choose from a superb range of freshly prepared delicious meals, using the finest ingredients- traditional cuts of meat, seasonal vegetables and fish.   Traditional favourites like roast beef and shepherd’s pie, fresh fish to vegetarian and special dietary meals including low fat, low salt and gluten free dishes.

Sliced Meats

Traditional fresh and tender cuts of prime meat are offered in all our meals – beef, pork, turkey, chicken and lamb.  Bringing you the very best.

Pie Crust Tops

Generously diced and cubed meats are selected and placed within each of our succulent pie crusts tops together with rich sauces for chicken and ham or thick juicy gravy in our home-made style beef pie crust tops.  With ICare there’s no second best.


Generous portions of high quality diced and cubed meats can be found in our delicious casseroles – hearty chunks of tender meat to satisfy the greatest hunger.  Bringing taste back to ready-made meals.

Sausages and Steakettes

Succulent, thick, juicy sausages and tender lamb steakettes, made in the traditional British way.  Always a winner.

Vegetarian options

Our vegetarian range is perfect for those wanting to avoid meat and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Our selected range contains all the grains, nuts, pulses, vegetables and dairy products a body needs – and don’t forget, you don’t need to be vegetarian to appreciate this delicious range.  Try something new.

Fish and Sea Food

Carefully prepared fillets of fish are the trade mark of our seafood selection – together with traditional fish pies all smothered with creamy sauces - seafood at it’s best.  Delicious food each day of the week.

Click here to see a sample of our main courses and desserts.

The perfect way to finish a good meal

Delicious whole ingredients together with a generous selection are the hallmark of our dessert range.

Sponge Tarts

Delicious sponge on generous proportions of fruit resting on a sweet pastry base – our range of tarts are the perfect finale to any meal.  Delicious desserts to complement any taste.

Dessert Pies

A sweet short crust pastry crammed with either apple, rhubarb, raspberry, or apricot – traditional doesn’t get more traditional that our pies.  All smothered in creamy custard. A classic dessert.


Light and fluffy sponges with creamy custard are an ideal treat after a hearty main meal.  The perfect finishing touch. 


Traditional crumble tops have always been a favourite.  Generous chunks of fruit beneath a crunchy crumble topping.  Delicious.

ICare also cater for people with special dietary requirements including diabetic, low fat, reducing moderate salt, gluten-free, easy-chew or pureed meals.

Click here to see a sample of our main courses and desserts - and don't forget to choose your FREE dessert when you order!

Please remember if you need to tell us or ask us anything simply pick up the phone and dial 0845 604 1125 and we will sort out your query.