caring Community Assistant

Delicious food delivery with a smile by a caring Community Assistant

Delivered straight from the oven to your door

At ICare not only do we endeavour to bring you the best possible meal, we also want to bring you the best possible service.

We do that by employing the best people!

Our service is not just about delivering good meals, it is about enabling people to maintain their independence at home.  ICare delivery personnel are not just drivers they are also trained in care service.  They can be relied on to help you make your menu choices and keep a friendly eye on your wellbeing and become a familiar face that visits you regularly. 

Our delivery personnel are reliable, friendly and safe.  All our delivery personnel are carefully recruited and trained especially in adult awareness and care skills.

All our delivery personnel are checked to ensure they do not have a criminal record and are able to work with vulnerable people.  We also check they have good references. All our delivery personnel wear purple ICare polo shirts and carry an Identification Badge to give you added reassurance that they are genuine ICare employees.

Our delivery personnel are pleasant and polite and will put your frozen meals into your freezer if you wish or plate your meals up if you are having a hot meal. Just ask your delivery personnel what you require and they will help out.

Most importantly if you do not answer your door the delivery personnel will always check with a neighbour or family member to ascertain that all is well with you.  It is important that you let us have contact numbers for your neighbour or family member as well as your own.

Deliveries will be made to suit your dietry requirements and ICare promote the fact that our customers can have their own individual menu choices.

Please remember if you need to tell us or ask us anything simply pick up the phone and dial 0845 604 1125 and we will sort out your query.

ICare offers great quality food at value for money prices – the safe reliable and trustworthy delivery service.

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